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3 Cleaning Products Every Home Should Have

If your home is like most, you probably have more than a few cleaning products in it. Some you use every time you clean and some, tucked way back on the shelf, you never use and you’re not even sure what they do.

Even if you’re well stocked with cleaning products and supplies, there are at least three that you probably don’t have, but that are crucial to keeping a clean, healthy home. Maybe even better, if you have these three things, you might be able to get rid of just about every other cleaning product in your house.

Here are the three cleaning products every home should have:

1. Microfibre Cleaning Cloths

You’ve probably heard that name before, but you’re not sure what they are. Here’s a quick point-form primer on microfibre cleaning cloths and why they are so important to your cleaning arsenal.

a. Super Absorbent Cleaning Power

The fibre used to make microfiber cloths is ‘sliced’ so fine (that’s where the term ‘microfibre’ comes from) it gives the cloth incredible power to pick up everything, from simple dust to tough grease and grime, better than regular cloths and/or paper towels. And they absorb seven-times their weight.

b. Durable and Reusable

They can be reused hundreds of times, making them less costly and more eco-friendly than paper towels.

c. Lint Free

The fibres are synthetic, so they do not leave little bits of lint or paper behind, like your regular cleaning rags and paper towels. 

2. All-Purpose Eco-Friendly Cleaning Product

Most people would love to use eco-friendly cleaning products, but they usually feel they are too expensive or don’t work as well as harsh chemical cleaners. First, the commercial name-brand chemical cleaners you have now are far worse for your health than you think. If you’ve ever had a headache after cleaning, or had to stop for a breath of fresh air, it’s your body telling you that the chemicals in your cleaning products are too strong.
There are eco-friendly, all-purpose cleaning products, like Universal Stone, that not only clean as well or better than whatever you use now but don’t harm your health.

3. A Toothbrush

Even after a great cleaning with a microfibre cloth and an eco-friendly cleaning product, dirt, grease, and germs can still hide in the deep creases around your stove, kitchen sink and bathtub drain (to name just a few of their favorite hiding spots). Nothing gets into tight spaces better than a toothbrush (just to be clear, not the one you use on your teeth!)

If you had just these three things and nothing else, you’d be fairly well-equipped to tackle just about any household cleaning chore. Even if you’re a confirmed believer in chemical cleaners and paper towels, you can add these three things to your arsenal and try them out to see just how effective they can be.
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