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Are Your Cleaning Products Safe for Babies?

Finding cleaning products safe for babies can be a challenge in itself. First, we don’t want to be yet another source of stress for moms who want to raise their babies in the healthiest possible environment. If you’re giving love, care, and understanding to your child, that’s really healthy and you’re probably a better mom than you think.

But, to give you an idea of the importance of being vigilant about what’s in the products you use around your baby, we could have named this post “Are Your Baby-Care Products Safe for Babies?” Even many of the chemicals used to give baby-care products the fragrance you love to smell on your baby can cause skin irritation and aggravate allergies. 

While we could go on, our job is to offer you safe alternatives to commercial chemical cleaning products. Many of those products, even those that are marketed as being safe, are alarmingly full of compounds that are not only unsafe for your baby, but for everyone in your home.

The Example of Dawn Dishwashing Liquid

Most people are familiar with the “Saves Wildlife” marketing campaign to promote Procter & Gamble’s Dawn Dish Soap since 2010. In print advertising, television commercials and digital marketing, Dawn to the fact that its dishwashing liquid’s “grease-fighting formula is tough on oil, yet gentle on animals’ delicate skin.”

While we have no doubt about the fact that their soap is used to save animals affected by oil spills, and that’s a wonderful thing, no mother would be blamed for thinking that anything safe enough for baby ducklings must be safe enough for humans. 

Yet the truth of the matter is, according to the Environmental Working Group, users of Dawn should have ‘some concern’ about asthma, respiratory issues, skin allergies and skin irritation.  

Of course, we can write horror stories about household cleaners that are far worse for your health than Dawn. But we thought the Dawn example would help to emphasize the importance of making sure your cleaning products are safe for babies.

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