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Easy Eco-Friendly Cleaning in the Kitchen

Considering you clean it, or something in it, at least once a day, finding options for eco-friendly cleaning in the kitchen can pay off more than usual.

But there’s one thing standing in your way. The sheer number of different cleaning jobs needed in the kitchen. We’re not talking about how much cleaning, that’s a given, but the number of different surfaces, each requiring their own type of cleaner, and even different cleaning techniques too.

How Many Different Eco-Friendly Cleaners Do You Need in the Kitchen

Just think about it. Starting with just your stove, we can think of at least three cleaners you’ll need:

Ceramic stove-top cleaner
Oven cleaner
All-purpose cleaner for the other surfaces on the stove

And that’s just your stove. Think about the pots and pans that you put on the stove and you’ll come up with at least three more cleaners for different metals.

Stainless steel
Cast iron

Then, when you open it up to the rest of the kitchen, you’ll need an entire closet for all the cleaners and cleaning solutions to help you with...

Soap scum

OK, we’re going to leave it there. We think you get the idea. Not only does your kitchen and everything in it take a lot of cleaning, it takes a lot of cleaners too. And none of these are likely to be eco-friendly cleaners either. In fact, each one has its own unique cocktail of chemicals to clean the surfaces, objects or compounds it’s designed for.

What About “Easy Eco-Friendly Cleaning”

Let’s get back to the title of the post that promises “easy eco-friendly cleaning”. Even if we could find eco-friendly cleaners for each of the kitchen cleaning jobs listed above, it’s not necessarily any easier to clean with eco-friendly cleaners. Except maybe being easier on your throat, lungs and overall health.

But what if we could find one eco-friendly cleaner for all of the chores listed. Then it would automatically be easier to clean because you wouldn’t need to change cleaners, and gloves, clothes, etc., for every surface you clean.

Universal Stone is a natural cleaning product that cleans all those surfaces, using the same cleaner and sponge and clean them better than harsh chemical cleaners. That’s it. We can’t say it any clearer. You just have to see this for yourself.
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