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Grout Cleaning Made Easier

Please notice that the title isn’t ‘Grout Cleaning Made Easy’’! Grout cleaning is just not an easy job. Definitely not as easy cleaning the tile that surrounds the grout.

But we can definitely show you how to make it easier than how you clean grout now. In fact, we will show you how Universal Stone might be the easiest way to clean your grout.

How Universal Stone Makes Grout Cleaning Easier

First, depending on how dirty the grout is, it might be a tough job no matter what cleaner you use. But there are two big reasons why Universal Stone might be your best option for cleaning grout.

1. You Can’t Use Strong Chemical Cleaners

Believe it or not, as tough and gritty as it is, grout can corrode and breakdown if you clean it with caustic or acidic cleaners like bleach and even vinegar.

2. Coming Up with a Safe Cleaner is a Lot of Work

Of course, you want an eco-friendly cleaner not only to protect your grout, but to protect you too. The online article “How to Clean Grout” is a great guide to mixing your own safe, eco-friendly cleaning solution, and cleaning your grout.

But you have to know ‘what you’ll need’, ‘prep the area’ and  ‘mix the solution’.

How to Clean Grout with Universal Stone

Not only is Universal Stone eco-friendly, its biodegradable too. It will get your grout as clean as any cleaner, without damaging your grout or your health.

To clean grout with Universal Stone:

  1. Wipe a damp sponge across your Universal Stone to get a generous amount on the sponge.
  2. Wipe the grout that you want to clean with the sponge.
  3. Scrub the area with a scrub brush.
  4. Rinse the area.

Check out this Universal Stone video to see it in action cleaning grout.  

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