How Can Universal Stone Clean So Many Different Surfaces?

It’s a little odd, but Universal Stone eco-friendly cleaner cleans and polishes so many different surfaces that many of our customers are very skeptical about the product before they actually try it.

And we can’t blame them. When you’re caught up in the world of toxic chemical cleaners, a truly multi-purpose cleaner can be difficult to understand. Many of the chemicals used in conventional cleaners are so strong, that they can only be used on the surface they are intended for, which are usually hard, non-porous surfaces, like glass, ceramics and metals.

In other words, you would never use your ceramic cleaner on metal cutlery because you might scratch it.

It’s all made us accustomed to using specific cleaners and/or polishes for glass, granite countertops, chrome in the bathroom, and more.

universal stone can clean so many surfaces

The Different Surfaces Universal Stone Cleans

So it’s a little difficult to believe when Universal Stone comes along and says you can use it to safely and healthily clean just about every surface in your home, including:


stainless steel, chrome, aluminium, and lots more

In the Bathroom

sinks, toilets, tiles, grout, lime deposits and lots more

In the Kitchen

backsplashes, grease, appliances, bakeware, stove tops, cabinets, and lots more

Around the House

painted wood, plastic, acrylic, jewellery, permanent marker, hardwood floors and lots more

In the Garage

garden tools, garden furniture, your car’s engine, and lots more

Outside the House

vinyl and aluminum siding, brass knockers, window frames, and lots more

(Forgive us for all the ‘and lots more’ bits, but there simply isn’t room here to list absolutely everything you can clean with Universal Stone, and we’re constantly discovering new ones.)

So How Does Universal Stone Clean So Many Surfaces?

It’s because the six ingredients in Universal Stone are all natural, acid-free and non-abrasive. That means they are incapable of harming most surfaces. And the fact that Universal Stone is non-toxic, phosphor-free, allergy-friendly, biodegradable and safe for children and pets means it doesn’t harm you and your family either.

If you’re still a little apprehensive that Universal Stone can work all over your home and business, why not give it a try to see for yourself.