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How to Make Spring Cleaning Easier

It seems funny that we look forward to springtime all winter and when it arrives all we do is our spring cleaning. But at least a lot of that can happen outside. And when you take your Universal Stone with you, it’ll be an easier, cleaner, eco-friendlier affair.

Spring Cleaning Outside the House

When you take your first step into your yard in the spring, you might be a little taken aback. This is especially true after the cold, windy winter we just went through. There may be tree branches down, your lawn might look dead and there may be all kinds of debris all over the place.

If you look at the big picture of spring cleaning, you might never get started because there’s so much to do. We recommend picking one thing, anything, for your starting point. Considering that this might be the longest you’ll be outside in a long time, and you'll be doing a little bit of work, you might be hungry afterward. So we suggest starting with the barbecue to the grill to cook up a little reward for yourself after you’re done cleaning.

Cleaning the Barbecue Grill with Universal Stone

If you’ve been using the barbecue through the winter, you probably didn’t do much more than a quick scrape every now and then, because of the cold. If you haven’t grilled since last fall, then it’s time for a cleaning no matter what. In any case, this is a great job for Universal Stone.

1. Put a Pinch of Universal Stone on a Wet Sponge

Whether you use the cleaning sponge that came with your Universal Stone, or you have another, rub a pinch of Universal Stone into one side of the wet sponge.
Squeeze the sponge repeatedly until the Universal Stone starts to foam, which means it’s ready to go to work.

2. Cover the Grill With Universal Stone

Use the side on which you applied the Universal Stone against the surface of the grill. Rub each arm of the grill a few times to distribute the Universal Stone equally across the entire grill.
You may want to clean the grill on a piece of plastic so you don’t lose too much moisture from the sponge into the barbecue burner area.

3. Scrub the Grill

Remembering to let Universal Stone do the work and not you, gently scrub the debris from the grill.

4. Rinse the Grill.

Like a Boss 

    You've just finished your first spring cleaning task, it looks great and you didn’t use harsh chemicals to do it. Top it all off with a meal of grilled veggies and this might be your most memorable spring cleaning ever. And it’s all because of Universal Stone!

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