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How to Say ‘Yes’ to Window Cleaning

Don’t you just hate summer?! It means you have no excuse. No excuse to avoid one of the most hated chores on any homeowners list.

Window cleaning!

In winter, you can just say it’s to cold outside. But in summer not only does that excuse not work, but you’ve also got sun beaming through your windows for 12 hours a day. And each sunbeam shines a spotlight on even the tiniest spots or streaks on your windows.

Why We Hate Window Cleaning

We have lots of reasons for not liking window cleaning.

1. Lots of Windows

You probably enjoy wiping down the kitchen countertops and seeing the nice, clean shine on them. One countertop, you’re done. But with widows, there are tons of them. First you do inside the house, then you do outside. And if you have double windows…

2. You See Every Spot

Even when you clean them perfectly, they never look perfectly clean. There seems to always be a tiny spot or slight streak, or something in the corner.

3. They Can Be Impossible to Clean

Windows that sit behind aluminum screens can get oxidation spots from the aluminum. Cleaning that oxidization off the glass is a tough a cleaning job as any in the house. And you might run into mold spots in the places that get lots of condensation.

4. You Need to Clean More Than the Glass

Even if you get the window panes clean, now you need to work on the frame. And the grooves the window slide in. And the window screen. And the window handles.
There’s one more reason we don’t like to clean windows. The ammonia in chemical window cleaning solutions can irritate your eyes, nose and throat.

How Universal Stone Makes Window Cleaning Easier

If we look at all those reasons for hating to clean windows, then the solution would be to find a window cleaner that could clean glass, vinyl, metal and even painted wood on window sills.

It would also need to be strong enough to clean aluminum oxidation from glass, while being gentle enough not to harm the glass.

Oh, yeah, and it needs to clean away mold too.

Just having a single, safe-to-use product to clean your windows and everything around them would make the hated task more tolerable.

Universal Stone is an eco-friendly, biodegradable, all-purpose cleaner that will clean and polish your windows, window frames and handles. t will also remove aluminum oxidation, clean away mold spots and handle water stains on the window sill.

To find out how Universal Stone makes cleaning easier all around the house, get in touch with us today.

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