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Make Impossible Bathroom Cleaning Chores Easier

Of course, by now you should know that Universal Stone multi-purpose cleaner is a powerful yet all-natural cleaner that makes cleaning easier all over the home. But, especially for many bathroom cleaning chores, Universal Stone’s power can even help make the impossible possible.

For example, while you can probably get away with cleaning and polishing bathroom faucets with a damp cloth or sponge, not even the most powerful chemical cleaners can help with things like mold and soap scum.

But Universal Stone can. Here’s a list of some of the bathroom cleaning chores that Universal Stone makes easy.

Soap Scum & Lime Scale

Universal Stone’s natural cleaning agents, including polishing clay, helps to quickly clean your shower of soap scum, hard water deposits, and limescale. Without the polishing clay, chemical cleaners just aren’t strong enough to break-down the scum and scaling.

In the Sink

The metal flange surrounding the drain opening in a sink can prevent all the water draining from the bowl. Eventually, a stubborn brownish ring can form around the flange. The natural cleaning ingredients in Universal Stone helps to break down the ring like no chemical cleaner can and you just have to rinse it afterward.

Mold in Grout

Mold can be tough to clean at the best of times. But when it clings onto the grainy surface of the grout between the tiles in your bathroom, it can seem like you’ll never get rid of it. You might have to leave a little Universal Stone and water sitting on tougher jobs for a few minutes, but, in any case, Universal Stone will clean the mold from grout faster and easier than household chemical cleaners.

In the Toilet Bowl

We all can let the toilet bowl go a little too long between cleanings. You can either choose to breathe in a lot of nasty fumes from all the chemical cleaners you’ll have to use to get rid of it, or just use a little Universal Stone on a sponge. It will quickly get rid of deposits under the rim of the toilet bowl and the ring that forms at the water surface level.

Cleaning might never be easy. But it sure can be easier with Universal Stone.

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