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One Cleaner for All Your Cottage Cleaning Needs

We’re well into the summer of 2018 now and, if you own a cottage, you’ve probably enjoyed escaping the heat. At least until you get down to the cottage cleaning part.

When you see some of the uniquely cottagey cleaning chores, it can make you wonder just how much ‘fun’ the cottage really is.

One of the problems with cottage cleaning chores is that you don't come across the same challenges at home. You’re not so familiar with them and you’re not sure how to best get them clean.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about what cleaner to use any more. Not only will Universal Stone clean just about every surface in your cottage, sheds, and boathouse.

Cottage Cleaning Chores that Universal Stone Tackles

These are just a few, but hopefully, they give you an idea of how Universal Stone can solve the cottage cleaning problems that you don’t face at home. And do it the healthy, eco-friendly way!

1. Rodent & Insect Droppings

Whether its mice or spider droppings, it might have been hanging around all winter and it can cling to surfaces tenaciously. Universal Stones non-abrasive foaming action will quickly loosen it so you can wipe it all away.

2. Tree Sap on Boat Covers

Universal Stone cleans tree sap from any surface. But we wanted to up the ante by adding a textured, flexible surface that’s difficult to clean at the best of times. Go ahead, foam up your Universal Stone sponge and scrub that sap way.

BTW - Have you ever found anything to clean bumpers? Now you have.

3. Textured Sailboat Surfaces

Perhaps one of the most demanding and frustrating cleaning chores are sailboats left outside for the winter. Their hard plastic surfaces are textured for adding grip when boarding and sailing. The thousands of grooves can harbour the aforementioned sap, insect poop, bird droppings and just plain-old dirt. The combination of Universal Stone and its cleaning sponge give you the cleaning power and ability to get into grooves.
There are many more tough cleaning jobs around the cottage. Universal Stone is a natural cleaning product that can help you with all of them
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