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Universal Stone Applicator Sponge

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Made in Germany and specially formulated to work with Universal Stone, the applicator sponge activates the foaming power of Universal Stone for every cleaning job you have around the home or workplace.

These long-lasting cleaning sponges do everything you expect of regular sponges, including cleaning spills and absorbing liquids. And they do so much more. When the cleaning job gets tough, the Universal Stone Applicator sponge is up to the task and ready to start scrubbing.

Their dense construction means that the sponges can hold enough Universal Stone for even your most difficult cleaning requirements and lets you use the pressure needed to get the job done quickly and easily. At the same time, their non-abrasive construction means they’ll work on every surface you can clean with Universal Stone without scratching.

Perhaps best of all, Universal Stone Applicator Sponges are themselves easy to clean, they won’t tear apart and you’ll never get that musty ‘wet sponge’ smell.

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