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Universal Stone 900g

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A multi-purpose, eco-friendly cleaning solution that keeps your home or workplace clean and healthy. 

The Universal Stone 900g size gives you enough green cleaning power for a year of regular use all around your home or business.


Made from all-natural basic ingredients, including soap flakes, green soap, vegetable oils, glycerin, clay and natural lemon oils.

Safe for Children & Pets

Non-toxic, acid-free, fully biodegradable, phosphate-free, allergy- and asthma-tested, safe for everyone in your home or business.

Cleans & Polishes Many Different Surfaces

Inside and outside, Universal Stone cleans, polishes and protects:

  • Metals – Stainless steel, silver, gold, copper, brass, aluminum, chrome, and many others.
  • Bathrooms & Kitchens - Tiles, grout, granite, marble, sinks, faucets, stove tops, windows, plastics and laminates, cabinets, bath tubs, showers, toilets, including lime scale, soap scum and grease.
  • Delicate Surfaces – Crystal, enamel, acrylic, painted surfaces, ceramics and jewellery.
  • Outdoors – Tackle tough cleaning jobs on your vehicles, golf clubs, barbecues, garden furniture and tools, sports equipment, swimming pools, eavestroughs and many more.

Easy to Use

Simply dampen the Universal Stone Applicator Sponge (included), apply Universal Stone, squeeze until it foams, and start cleaning.

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